2021 cars worth waiting for

We know: it's tough to plan out what you're doing this weekend, let alone five years from now. Luckily, car purchases tend not to come up all that frequently for most Americans, meaning it is probably a lot easier to think longer term about your next ride.

We can help. So, to get you excited for what might be coming down the pike in the coming years, we've gathered this list together of the cars we'd hold out for.

Whether you're thinking of buying a sports car, an SUV, or a fully electric car in the coming years, swipe through for the ones to keep your eyes on from now until It's difficult not to love Alfa Romeo's Giulia Quadrifoglio. In spite of the sports sedan's tragic reliability record, it's still an absolute joy to drive and looks incredible. Who wouldn't want that in even sexier form, like, say, a two-door coupe? Good news! One is on its way, and it will resurrect the iconic GTV name and add electrification to the the Quadrifoglio's hp twin-turbo V Expect up to horsepower.

Audi's electric e-tron lineup grows forwith the shapely GT joining today's e-tron no name, just e-tron crossover. Audi is hoping it will deliver more than miles of driving range and nearly horsepower from a pair of electric motors one per axle.

2021 cars worth waiting for

BMW will add to its two-car electrified "i" lineup, which currently consists of the i3 electric hatchback and the i8 plug-in-hybrid sports car, with the i4 sedan by Whenever BMW introduces a new 3-series— as it just did for —you can bet that, within a year or two, it'll roll out a hotter, higher-output M version. The newest M3 and its two-door M4 sibling are expected to deliver more than horsepower from a turbocharged inline-six engine and an altogether more hard-core experience than the regular 3- and 4-series.

The next-generation Chevrolet Tahoe is poised to make a big change. It will switch from a trucky, solid rear axle to a more carlike independent rear suspension.

This should pay dividends in ride quality and handling compared with today's Tahoe and its longer-wheelbase Suburban sibling. The rest of the Tahoe is predictable stuff—as before, it's pretty much the SUV version of the Silverado pickup.

As our speculative rendering shows, it most likely will share that truck's front-end styling. Ferrari's followup to the twin-turbocharged sports car is the F8 Tributowhich is also twin-turbocharged.

The difference, besides fresh bodywork and additional power the car essentially uses the same hp tune as the outgoing 's range-topping, ultra-high-performance Pista model?

Ferrari claims that the upgraded engine delivers more soulful noises than did the 's somewhat muffled exhaust tones. Oh, and there's now a roofless Spider versiontoo. Ferrari is finally taking the leap and building an SUV.As rolls on and model year vehicles start to emerge, we look towards the future of the auto industry. Last year there were plenty of surprises — supercars, sedans, and SUVs alike — but the next few months promise to be even more exciting. Offerings from CadillacMercedes-BenzToyotaand others will reshape the industry as it moves to electrification and continues to emphasize performance.

Channeling our inner Nostradamus, we went to work on dreaming up some of the most anticipated cars you can expect to see from automakers in the next few years. Everything from an electric Porsche Cayman to the eagerly awaited successors to the Nissan GT-R and Dodge Challenger is here, along with a few far-out predictions for brands like Mini and Mazdais here. In short, if it's expected for or beyond, we've covered it.

Maserati has been promising a successor to the GranTurismo for a minute, but there's good reason to believe the Alfieri will finally arrive in the next few years. What we originally believed to be the Alfieri ended up being the MC20, a mid-engine sports car. That leaves the Alfieri's actual debut hard to predict.

Top New 2021 Cars Waiting For Coming Soon

It's been a minute since we heard anything about Lamborghini's rumored sedan, but following its introduction of the Urus SUVa sedan still seems within the realm of possibility. Such a vehicle would likely share its modular platform with the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7much as the Urus rides on the same bones as the Cayenne and Q8. Beyond that, though, it's hard to make accurate predictions about Lambo's rumored sedan.

The current Porsche was designed with electrification in mind. Combine that with multiple rumors about an electrified Carrera, and it's hard to ignore the possibility that Stuttgart's legendary sports car will add electric motors.

All signs point to a very powerful vehiclealthough we expect to be waiting quite a bit — perhaps until the next-gen debuts — to drive a hybrid Carrera. New Bugatti models come along sparingly, with the famed automaker instead relying on a single product at a time. Cadillac will take another whack at a flagship sedan with the all-electric Celestiq.

The Dodge Challenger and Charger have been around for ages and will likely last on the market for a few more years, considering their role as sales drivers for the struggling Dodge brand. But new models are in the cards, with FCA design boss Ralph Gilles showing a preview of a rejected design for the new Challenger. Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Showand then trotted around the U. Whether a production-spec Qs Inspiration will arrive in the U.

Mazda has flirted with the idea of a larger sports car almost since the RX-8 went out of production, and most of those flirtations involved rotary engines. But a tantalizing rumor suggested that a so-called RX-9 is in development sans Wankel. A fourth vehicle, though, could arrive in the guise of an EQE. Unsurprisingly, this vehicle would be roughly the size of an E-Classand allegedly will feature four-wheel steering, an air suspension, and the latest in safety gear.

Andreas Lampka event went as far as indicating that the mid-engine Mini could be along the same lines as the gorgeous Superleggera concept. Rumors suggest that at the very least, the next GT-R will feature hybrid poweralthough a full-electric model is also possible. The German automaker is already planning on a second Taycan variant and will electrify the Macan.

After that, it could be the turn of the Boxster and Cayman. If Porsche goes all-electric, though, rumors suggest the diminutive Cayman and Boxster could pack up to horsepower. The Ford Mustang ushered in a significant redesign and a move to a modern chassis, but the next-generation car could go even further.

Whether Ford will go all-electric is harder to say — some electrification seems like a sure thing, though. When Toyota introduced the Yaris GRfans lost their minds over the tiny, horsepower hatchback, going as far as petitioning Toyota to bring it to the U. That could make bringing the Corolla GR stateside a realistic option. Classify the Volkswagen ID. Jeff Perez.

Scientists have bad news about antibody tests. Louisiana primary pushed back again, to July Simple trick to find the best car insurance rates. Ad Microsoft.An Alfa Romeo sports car could return ineven though the supposed Giulia-based GTV coupe has reportedly been cancelled. The base model should use the Giulia's same horsepower four-cylinder engine, but the hopped-up performance version could produce as much as hp from Alfa's twin-turbocharged V6.

Cars Worth Waiting For: Arriving 2020 to 2025

Mercedes launched the first EQC concept inbut delays have pushed production of the electric crossover from this year to With a combined output of horsepower emanating from an kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, the EQC offers plenty of power, and we have to assume, equally good range. Just when you thought there was no more room in the lineup, Audi will shoehorn a smaller crossover beneath the Q2. Unsurprisingly, the company plans to call it the Q1 based on the A1 pictured here.

No word on price or performance yet, though. We've seen spy shots and leaked photos of the two cars already, both previewing a massive polarizing grille. The two cars should have a new 3. Once called then iNextthe upcoming BMW iX5 should debut later this year before going on sale in The flagship, electric SUV will likely follow an extensive teasing campaign — kicked off by the Vision iNext concept from — before it hits the market.

The range-topping, kilowatt-hour version should offer as much as miles of range. Fans, disappointed by the sports sedans with merely horsepower and horsepower, respectively, should be excited about the new Blackwing variants. Power will likely come from the old CTS-V's supercharged 6. Rumors of a flagship Cadillac sedan aren't new, but the latest reports suggest the automaker will take its Escala concept from and finally give it the production treatment it deserves.

Likely to share a platform with the CT6, the company will position the Escala as the premier Cadillac offering. Outside of that, unfortunately, there are no other details. The all-new Cadillac Escalade will debut in a few weeks. The model should have a fresh exterior design, a brand-new interior featuring a massive inch OLED display, as well as a bevy of engine options, ranging from 5. The sleek electric sedan, meant to accent the available E-Tron crossover, promised horsepower, all-wheel drive, and the ability to hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.

Though we haven't seen much movement on the E-Tron GT since its debut, a production version will likely show up later this year in anticipation of an on-sale date of One of the most anticipated debuts of the year, the Ford Broncowill show up this summer. Expected at the Detroit Auto Show which now takes place in Junethe Bronco should deliver on its promise of rugged athleticism, complete with features like an off-road suspension, boxy styling, and a few different engine options.

But only the Premium model will go on sale beginning this year; we'll have to wait until to see the hot GT model. The range-topping Mustang Mach-E GT will have up to horsepower and a range of up to miles when it goes on sale. Every luxury automaker needs a halo car, and for Genesisthat could be the Essentia.

But while it doesn't have the green light yet, Genesis CEO Manfred Fitzgerald has been pushing to get the car into production — so we could see it sooner than later. The Genesis GV80 is the brand's first crossover.

And it shows plenty of potential at launch.In New Cars. SUVs and crossovers have flooded the global markets, while the traditional passenger cars market has shrunk in their stead.

For instance, crossovers and SUVs make up around 50 percent of the entire U. Many of the most anticipated new cars will hence be crossovers. Similar can be said about the electric car market which is also expanding in a rapid manner.

All-electric cars account for only a little over 2 percent of all new vehicles bought in the U. In Norway, for instance, they make up almost 50 percent of all new cars bought in With the influx of all-new models arriving in and beyond, these percentages will grow further. More strict regulations and slow but steady phase-out of oil burners could mean this increase will be more significant than first anticipated. Without further ado, here are, in our humble opinion, some of the best new cars will bring to market.

Leather and wood veneers take care of the former, while a The R1S also gets a standard adjustable air suspension for a comfy ride and a split tailgate for added utility. Not to mention four different roof styles including one with electrochromic glass. Powertrain behind both Rivian models consists of a large battery pack and electric motors mounted upon each wheel. The base models will use a kWh battery pack with up to miles of range and horsepower on tap.

The mid-range Rivian R1S gets a kWh battery and miles of range. There are also all-new pop-out door handles which could become the next big thing in the luxury car market in following years. Most importantly, however, the new S Class will ride on an all-new MRA platform whose benefits will be numerous. Inside, expect the usual which is the class-leading level of refinement and comfort the S Class has been known for these past few decades. Infotainment duties will be taken over by a new large portrait-oriented screen, while the wide range of advanced safety gear should be made available from the get-go.

Initially, the S Class will be limited to a 3. Of course, anything extra will quickly raise their prices over the mentioned threshold, while the forthcoming range-topping AMG and ultra-luxury Maybach models will require more than double that. The Model 3 had already sent shock waves throughout the electric car market and by the time the Model Y arrives, Tesla will have been a major player across the world. The Model Y joins what finally appears a full and competitive lineup of electric passenger cars and SUVs.

Design-wise, however, it shares more in common with the Model 3 sedan than with the Model X crossover despite being one of the latter itself. Their respective interiors are also in-line with one another as they fit into the same price range — much like the more expensive Model S and Model X do. The Tesla Model Y will be available with two different range specs. Available in rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and Performance variations, the Long Range models provide up to and miles of range respectively.

Burned by the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen was forced to accelerate its EV development both for the U. The forthcoming I.

2021 New Models Guide: 30 Cars, Trucks, And SUVs Coming Soon

Crozz is one of nine upcoming I. The I. Test mules caught this year confirm that, but the production model will still be much more streamlined and in-tune with remainder of the VW range.There are some up and coming trucks we cant wait to get our hands on. These include the Rivian R1T. The Ranger has better towing and hauling capabilities than the Tacoma, while the Ridgeline has an elegant, roomy cabin and a plush ride. Power will probably come from a 2. Our favorite pickup truck is getting a hybrid sister, and it is aptly named Ford F Hybrid.

We first saw this beauty at the Detroit auto show. That's why it comes in near the bottom of our compact pickup truck rankings. It is one highly anticipated weird-looking truck that got overorders inside the week after its launching according to Elon Musk.

The top trim Cybertruck will hit 60 miles per hour in a very quick 2. Raptors keep getting better as the years go by, and the Ford Raptor — we suspect — will not be any different.

Its predecessor, though not a hybrid, features poor driving dynamics, low towing and haul capacities, and outdated cabin styling as Cars US News states. It is also characterized by lousy gas mileage and an overall still ride experience. Chris is a proficient reader and writer. Cars are his passion. Share Tweet Email Comment Share. Related Topics Cars And Trucks. About The Author Chris is a proficient reader and writer. Looking To Start Collecting Cars?SUVs and crossovers reshaped the automotive industry in the last decades and they tend to stay a dominating force in the industry in the coming model years.

The brands will continue to increase the number of high-riding models in all shapes and sizes equipped with various powertrains including the all-electric propulsion. The next model year will also bring a number of the refreshed, fully redesigned and all-new crossovers and SUVs and there will also be several reintroductions of the iconic nameplates. Buyers will again have a hard job to pick the right model among the ever-growing number of options and we list 10 Future SUVs Worth Waiting for in We used well-trusted sources such as motor1carandrivermotortrentdetc.

The iconic Ford Bronco is returning on the stage after years of rumors and anticipation and it definitely deserves to be in the list of 10 Future SUVs Worth Waiting for in The model is spotted while testing on several occasions and it promises sufficient off-road capability backed up with the latest tech features.

The Ford Bronco will borrow the underpinning and powertrain from the mid-size Ford Ranger pickup truck. The 2. The new Bronco will have a boxy, upright stance and come equipped with modern tech and safety features. It will also feature removable doors and roof like its main rival Jeep Wrangler.

2021 cars worth waiting for

That should mean more prominent front fascia and sculpted side panels. The new version should get a reworked dashboard with more driver-focused displays arrangement. The model will also employ the latest tech and safety achievements which will be available from the base version. The power will come from the upgraded 2. Hyundai might also offer the hot Tucson N version with sufficient power under the hood.

The model will employ the latest generation of small-displacement petrol and diesel engines. There should be a 1. The Q1 should also benefit from the mild-hybrid technology. The model will deliver premium comfort and luxury backed up with the top-notch tech and safety equipment. The power comes from the hp turbocharged 2.

The model will get attention with the striking front end styling and premium interior finish. There will be features such as a massive Another model from the high class set to enter the model year in the fully redesigned form is the flagship Land Rover Range Rover.

The fifth-generation Land Rover Range Rover will switch to the new Modular Longitudinal Platform which will provide significant weight loss compared to the current version.

2021 cars worth waiting for

The power should come from the new inline-6 unit and diesel engine. The brand is also electrifying its entire range and hybrid and plug-in hybrid setups should also appear. Mitsubishi is working on the new-generation Outlander and the model was spotted in the prototype from. The arrival is expected as the Mitsubishi Outlander.

The redesigned Outlander should come significantly larger and with edgier styling. With new much larger proportions, it could move to the mid-size segment. The styling seems to be inspired by the Engelberg Tourer Concept vehicle and should include redefined headlights arrangement combined with new grille surround and reshaped taillights.

The power should come from the 1. The new-generation Outlander could cost significantly more considering much larger proportions and expected upgrades.Since trends are changing and the industry reacts faster, manufacturers are expected to release their new and redesigned cars for the model year.

Several cars are even expected to hit the market in early However, when we are talking about cars, there will be a lot of speculation. This is because we cannot be sure about what the automakers will be planning to create before it is released officially. Moreover, there is much time for things to change. But, some of the vehicles on the list are rumors.

Top New 2021 Cars Waiting For Coming Soon

Otherwise, something like Volvo XC90 is already confirmed. This car is supposed to be an all-new model. The upcoming Bentayga Speed is expected to be the most powerful variant. It can generate horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

2020 New Best Upcoming Cars

This engine should be able to take the car less than four seconds to reach 60 miles per hour. This rumored Speed variant should arrive anytime in or The production of this car will have some tunes varying from to horsepower. The automaker planned to unveil the next-generation Mustang in But, the new Mustang is pushed back to release as a model year.

The rear-wheel-drive will remain the same. AWD and hybrid model are optional. This car is claimed to offer impressive design and advanced fuel efficiency. This third generation of XC90 will be fully electrified. It is also said to feature autonomous self-driving ability.

2021 cars worth waiting for

Then, how much is this car? This new car has been anticipated for years. Interestingly, it will be released sometime in In conclusion, several most-anticipated cars are confirmed to hit the market sometime in or However, some of them are still rumored.

Now that late is just around the corner, many Fortunately, some great deals are still available until the And yet, there are exciting small The Full-size SUV lineup keeps surviving. Related Posts. Recent Gallery.

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